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How to Choose A Wall Color

I'm not entirely certain when or how it happened, but color is one of my emotional sweet spots. The right wall color evokes strong reactions from me.  I see a bright yellow flower, and I'm immediately happy.  Scarlet lipstick conjures mental images of my beautiful mother and her feminine stilettos.  A soft blue sky soothes [...]

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Our Season Of Thankfulness: The Louisiana Flood

Our Season of Thankfulness came a little early this year.  It was unexpected, uninvited, and veiled in unlikely disguise. Beau and I discovered the most profound reason for gratitude in the wake of muddy Louisiana flood. Community. Ours is remarkable, more like one big family.  And regardless of how historians will one day recount the [...]

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Lisa McDaniel

Lisa and her husband, Beau, are co-owners of C.Mac Construction and Antiquity. Through individualized collaboration with clients, Lisa helps design houses specific to the form and function of each particular family. Her mission is inspiring families to use creativity and originality when bringing to life the spaces they will soon call home.

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